A friend in need is a friend indeed

Sometimes life gives you lemons. But if you have friends, they will help you make lemonade. This is the story of Zdenka from Prague who got unluckily lucky.

It was another ordinary day in Prague. I was riding my Yedoo scooter with my two kids. As a mother, I find scooters so handy, because I can move around the city quickly with one child on my back and one in front of me. It is also fun for all of us.

After our typical daily routine, we decided to stop in our favourite bakery to please our sweet tooth and meet my friend. After a short chat about my scooter and life, I left for home to do my chores.

The next morning, I prepared my scooter in a public hallway in our house and went to our flat for a moment to collect my kids. When I got back, I saw something terrible had happened. The scooter was gone.

Just the day before, I had posted a photo on Facebook about how happy I was with my scooter. Murphy’s law, I thought!

When one of my friends heard that my scooter was stolen, he did not hesitate and created a secret Facebook group where he made a small crowdfunding campaign that I didn’t know about.

After 48 hours, they had collected enough money to surprise me with a new scooter! When one of my friends invited me for a coffee, I didn’t suspect anything.

But when I got home, there were more of my friends waiting with a new scooter! I am lucky to have them so I can believe that happy endings exist.

Kick2RideA friend in need is a friend indeed

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