We are (still) alive!

The first half of our challenging journey is almost over, and we are starting to feel tired, but more dedicated. There were ups and downs (literally) but we made it! How did it all go?

Kick2RideWe are (still) alive!

This is my story

Here we go again: waking up with the sunrise and starting my day as always. Right into the action with no hesitation. Going up the hills regardless of weather, or how tired I am. I do it every day because there is something bigger behind it all. A race, an ultimate challenge. The 100th Giro d’Italia 2017.

Kick2RideThis is my story

Kick Italy 2017. When one challenge is not enough

The legendary team of Czech footbikers is back! After finishing the 100th Tour de France on a footbike in 2013, they are ready to break another milestone. A younger (yet, according to their words, a lot more challenging) competition: the 100th Giro d’Italia 2017.

Kick2RideKick Italy 2017. When one challenge is not enough