Kbike K5 Sport Tuning

5.00 out of 5


The Kbike offers excellent performance thanks to its rigid frame and low-resistance tyres.

When you try the Kbike scooter going downhill, you’ll feel like you’re flying on a snowboard! Even more fun and speed thanks to the Tuning package!


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Product Description

Technical details

Tuning Version: the SPORT tyres are more robust with better grip on the tarmac and are faster. The stainless steel cable is composed up of several threads and has a greater lifespan. The brake housing is more rigid than the basic version, offering unsurpassable performance and powerful braking.

Rim: Radial spokes, duralumin hubs and industrial bearings: very stiff, near-indestructible, perfectly centred, maintenance free and all with the minimum of weight
Frame: Long-lasting, lightweight.
Minimum distance: Minimum distance of the front wheel from the frame and the uplift of the frame at the front part =maximum reduction of disturbance due to street irregularities.
Centre of gravity: The ground clearance of the loaded scooter is 40mm, enough to ride safely and provide excellent sporting performance without extreme effort.
Tyres: Low rolling resistance, perfect scooter movement.
Brakes: Ensuring safe riding and maximum control.



Wheel size: 12 in (327mm).
Top speed: 30 km/h recommended (tested at 80 km/h!)
Frame ground clearence: 4 cm