Russian roulette on scooters

After 2,500 kilometres and 15 stages of 21, it seems like the finish line in Milan is near. But it isn’t. The last four days of hell without pedals are here and the outcome is unknown.Are we going to make it?

The toughest part of our journey has just begun. Even though we think that our feet and scooters have already been through hell, nothing compares to the upcoming week. The chances are 50/50 for us. We will either finish or get trapped in the Dolomites. It’s like a Russian (Italian) roulette.


Even if this exhausting path ends in failure, so far we have had a great time and have pushed our limits to the maximum. We showed the world that scooters are something to be taken seriously and can overcome every obstacle. With this project, we support something beyond us: we are fighting cancer.


What is ahead?

Before we get to the final stage before the city of Milan, we have to overcome the hardest part of our journey. The Dolomites. That means almost 1,000 kilometres of heavy, steep terrain, hot and cold weather, elevation differences and possibly even snow.

Our bodies almost gave up, but our minds are devoted. We don’t know if we can make it, because it is starting to be really serious—the mountains are dangerous. But we believe in ourselves and the image of the finish line pumps new energy into us with every step we take. Our spirit is unbreakable, they say.

Some last words

Thank you for all the support and good vibes. We hope you enjoyed our route as much as we did. You can track our progress online and watch interesting videos of us on YouTube (Czech-language version only). Keep your fingers crossed and believe in miracles with us.If we make it, you will be the first to know!




Kick2RideRussian roulette on scooters

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