Scooters are the new black…or at least, the new bicycles!

Commuting to work via public transportation is so mundane. If only there was an alternative to mashing yourself into humming cages packed with strangers. But there is! Something more elegant, healthier and cheaper. And it’s not a bicycle.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you’ve probably experienced the rising popularity of biking in cities. From young people wearing beanies cycling off to sip coffee in stylish cafés, to busy managers rushing towards their meetings, biking is a no-brainer for conveniently getting through the concrete jungle. But when we think it through, it’s easy to see that scooters are an even better choice for city riding. Here are six reasons why you might want to pick up a scooter for yourself!


1. Agility

Scooters’ smaller dimensions mean better control. Better control means safer rides on busy roads. Due to a lack of high-quality bike routes in cities, scooters are also much better for use on standard city pavements. (But you still need to stay safe and be careful to not harm pedestrians!)

2. Convenience

Parking a scooter is much easier than a big, heavy bike. Scooters are smaller and take almost no space in your office or flat and you can easily take it with you on the underground, train or bus. The best choices for cities are smaller scooters with 12-inch or 16-inch wheels. You can take your scooter with you all the way into the office. And forget having to wear any special gear, just put on your normal clothes! Don’t worry, switching from a bike to a scooter is easy. You’ll get used to it in few hours.

3. Health

Riding a scooter is better for your fitness, too. Pedalling on your bike is great but you use only the lower half of your body. In contrast, riding a scooter involves your whole body and you won’t overuse your leg muscles. The movement on a scooter is also more natural, knee-friendly and saves your spine. Scooters don’t have any saddles, so if your job is sedentary your back will thank you for this extra workout in the long run.

4. Safety

Scooters are also much safer than bikes. Thanks to the lower centre of gravity, it is easier to stop it, hop off and avoid a critical situation. Secondly, scooter speeds are lower and provide more control and focus on traffic. But there are still some rules to obey. Always use a helmet, flashing lights and high-visibility elements on your accessories (backpack, jacket, etc.).

Kbike K7

5. Money

Good-quality bicycles can cost more than EUR 1,000, but top-quality scooters range around only EUR 300. So if you are still hesitating about purchasing a scooter, this reason might be the convincing factor! Scooters are also less prone to repairs since they have fewer mechanical parts, which also leaves more money in your pockets in the long run.


Riding a bike is pretty mainstream and cyclist communities are usually broad and divided into groups like BMX, MTB, fixie, trial, road, cross, etc. The scooter community is much smaller and more close-knit because there aren’t so many differences between groups. When you get a scooter, you are immediately part of the greater community of scooter riders. In this community, there is nothing weird about greeting another rider. You are on the same team!

Still not convinced about buying a scooter? Check out our blog and learn more. For example, did you know that a group of Czech enthusiasts finished the Giro d’ Italia on scooters?


Kick2RideScooters are the new black…or at least, the new bicycles!

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