This is my story

Here we go again: waking up with the sunrise and starting my day as always. Right into the action with no hesitation. Going up the hills regardless of weather, or how tired I am. I do it every day because there is something bigger behind it all. A race, an ultimate challenge. The 100th Giro d’Italia 2017.

When I train, I train hard, because I know that it is going to be tough. I will persist. I won’t fail. I will keep going until D-day. My reward is the feeling of overcoming the struggle and becoming stronger. The feeling when I finally reach the finishing line and the crowd cheers to lift my tired body. When I can rest and say: “I did it!”

kickitaly team

I have done this before. Four years ago, I finished the Tour de France with six of my racing partners. It was incredibly challenging, and we swore that we wouldn’t do it again. But time passes and we love challenges. Time healed our bruises and erased all the memories when we wanted to give up. Now we are looking forward to not giving up again.

We will have to endure a crazy 3,572 km journey with a 5,000 m elevation difference in just 24 days. It all starts on 24th May, and we have to admit we are quite nervous. But nothing compares to that feeling at the end of a race. You will hear about us. You will see us.

Oh, and how rude of me. I didn’t introduce myself. I am a footbike from team Kick Italy 2017. My name is Kickbike. Keep your fingers crossed. It’s all or nothing.


Kick2RideThis is my story

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