Why scooter?

What are the main advantages of scooters? Why use scooters in and out of the city?


You can move around the city quickly and easily with a scooter, resolving the parking issue. You can learn to use it in no time! The scooter is very agile and mayedoo-citanoeuvrable and will get you to school or work more quickly, thanks to its small wheels (small compared to a bike).

You can always carry your scooter with you, in its bag, both on public transport and in the car (you can put it in the boot or behind the seats). You are 3 to 4 times quicker on a scooter than walking. Maintenance is easy—many spare parts are compatible with bikes. Remember that the scooter is not the most suitable vehicle for going uphill—in that case you’d have to do push it or carry it with you on another means of transport.


Enjoy the freedom of movement riding your scooter at the sea, in the city or to work.


Models are available for the whole family nowadays. There are three-wheeled scooters for the littlest ones. There are scooters with larger wheels for children from four and up, older children and adults.

Large scooters reach up to 150 kg and are suitable for very tall people thanks to their adjustable handlebar.


kids-in-parkScootering helps you stay in shape by increasing your physical activity. Scootering may seem tiring at the beginning and may hurt your back or legs a little. But don’t worry, they are muscles you didn’t know you had and they are just making you realise! But after a few trips on the scooter, your muscles will start to get used to it and get stronger—your physiotherapist might even pay you a few compliments!

On a scooter you are not bent over like on a bike. Your back, on the contrary, has to flex, and this movement helps strengthen your muscles and correct bad posture. Remember to alternate the supporting leg every five thrusts (roughly) to give each leg a deserved rest.

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